Carolina Girl (Cely)
I continue with my scrapbook pages.  I have completed 5 double pages and have posted two of them.  Today, I'm posting my 3rd page ....1st Christmas Memories.  I can't decide which page to put on the left or right.  It could go either way.....what's your opinion?

I made many of the svgs because I couldn't find where to buy them, so drawing and changing into svgs took a long time.   I cased Stacie at Tori Belles Creations again, but included my own personal touches.  I was inspired by the fireplace by Designs on Cloud 9 called "Waiting for Santa".  I'm pretty sure it was from Treasure Box that I got the "freebie bear" svg.  The darling "Emalina Elf" sitting on his own little shelf is from Paper Pretties.  Enough details...haha

12x12, stitching, ribbon, train from Silhouette, old AC Christmas paper

reindeer punch, my own Santa and sleigh, Barking Dogs Christmas ball, forgot where I got the fire, Darcia embossing folder

21 Responses
  1. Abi Says:

    These are beautiful pages Cely, my personal opinion would be the one that says 1st Christmas memories should be on the left.

    Have a great day xx

  2. Dawn Frost Says:

    Gorgeous Cely, I agreee with Abi 1st Christmas Memories is on the left. I love everything about it especially how you did the curtains!

  3. Cheryl First Says:

    You know what I think! :) I love these pages - they are gorgeous! I can't wait to see them with some photos in them, and the next pages you make, too! I knew once you started on this adventure that you'd be creating like wildfire, and you haven't disappointed. friend! Awesome! :)

  4. Donna Says:

    Cely, you never cease to amaze me. When I grow up I want to be like you. Draw my own svgs and use them. (guess I should learn to cut them correctly first. LOL!) Gorgeous and fun pages and love the layouts. I like the last page for the left side but you are right it could go either way! Awesome job!

  5. Kraftychick Says:

    I agree with Abi - title page on the left - it has something to do with the order in which your eyes focus on images, I think.

    Love your images and this is a great LO!


  6. Lola Says:

    Oh my! So much detail. From the train under the tree, to the holly, to the little mouse on the mantle. Oh, and I think the fireplace should go in the middle, so I guess that means I think it should go on the right?

  7. Deloris Says:

    You are really on a roll with your pages! Love these too!

  8. Mary Ann Says:

    Oh wow!Beautiful layouts,Love it...

  9. Wow, these are really quite amazing!

  10. oh my---how long did it take you to make this? so many great details! I think I would put the bottom one on the right, although I think it could easily go either way. I think the fireplace in the middle will keep the whole room warm LOL!

  11. Jackie Says:

    I do love your pages, they are fabulous. Methinks the title page should go on the left :o)
    Jackie xx

  12. Evelyn Says:

    I would put the title page on the left. That puts the fireplace in the center of the room so it warms the entire room evenly!
    ps - You should see the things students and staff bring me! Usually dead insects, rocks, birds' nests, eggs . . . It's fun!!

  13. Pat (mspfd) Says:

    Oh my gosh, you did it ago! Fantastic pages to capture memories of a first Christmas. I think your pages would work on either side.

  14. Patty Sue 2 Says:

    This is have inspired me, I am off to make some pages.

  15. Carole Says:

    Wow...sensational Cely so many details. Absolutely charming

  16. dragonfly60 Says:

    I am in awe of these pages and you have made me want to scrapbook again - thanks so much!! I think the title page would be best on the left just for the sake of chronology. Keep 'em coming; love your blog.

  17. scrapn Says:

    Love your layouts Cely!! They are adorable! I need to start getting busy too! I think I would put the Christmas Tree on the Right.

  18. Marvellous layouts Cely and I would put the one with the sentiment on the left! Lovely scrapbooking going on here:O)

  19. Andrene Says:

    Loving your layouts...they are too cute. I vote for the title page being on the left.

  20. Gorgeous! I see the stocking hung by the chimney with care!


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