Carolina Girl (Cely)
When I saw Under A Cherry Tree post a card like this, I just had to CASE.  It made "me" happy!  The coffee mug came from Lettering Delights "Love you a Latte"set.  I didn't have the font she used  to make the white frame, so I made my own svg.

The idea behind the card is to make it look like the menu you see on a chalkboard inside and sometimes outside a little cafe.  I also added the pretend chalk piece hanging on the side.  I could send this to at least 50 people I know "just because". The first one is already designated to my friend Cheryl who has been helping me out while my husband is in the hospital; it can also be used as a Valentine card.

A2 vertical, brad, svg, white inking, sun punch, pop-ups for dimension


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  1. SiskiyouSue Says:

    I also thought Jin's card was adorable, but I haven't tried it yet. Nice job!

  2. SugarGem Says:

    This is so CUTE! You put those extra touches that make it sparkle... Like the little chalk with rope and the today's special... Darling

  3. Jackie Says:

    What could be better than a nice cup of coffee, I love it :o)
    Jackie xx

  4. Wonderful happy card and it does look like a menu board with the 'specials' on it, in this card I guess that would be a hot mug of coffee! Fab job! I love your blog layout with the binder effect - neat!

  5. Love your addition of "today's special" up in the corner!
    Hope your husband gets well soon -

  6. Carole Says:

    Very cute, special details makes it all the more darling. What's this about your man being in the hospital. I certainly hope all is well. Hugs

  7. AllisonG Says:

    I *LOVE* this! The chalkboard trend is all the rage and on my list of techniques to try. You did a great job on yours.

    I had no idea your husband was in the hospital. Sending wishes for a speedy recovery!

  8. Deloris Says:

    You are so very clever! Love your chalkboard special card!

  9. Donna Says:

    Adorable card! I haven't tried that blackboard technique before but it sure looks like fun. I'll keep you hubby in my prayers. I hope he's home and feeling better very soon. Big hugs to you!

  10. Lola Says:

    OMG I saw this on her blog - you did a fabulous job! I loved hers and your equally! Your chalk is SO perfect (you always think of all the little details). I can't believe you have time to craft - but I know it keeps ME sane, so keep on!

  11. Mary Ann Says:

    Love your card,Very pretty,never try this yet,I guess I will...Have a good one..

  12. Pat (mspfd) Says:

    This card just makes me smile! Talk about a sweet, happy creation, and to think you made your own SVG just blows my mind!

  13. Billie A Says:

    Awesome card and Cheryl will love it.. Did I miss a post on your DH. Is he OK? prayers for you both. I hope he's home soon. HUGS

  14. Cheryl First Says:

    Cely - this is absolutely DARLING! It is even better to hold and touch! I loe it! Thank you for the thank you gift! :0) I'm here if the pups need out, just hollerat me. I'm glad DH is on the med, finally, and feeling so much better! Yay, for some progress!
    Rest up, sweetie! We'll have to go grab a Bucky's lunch soon! :0)

  15. Ellen Says:

    Oh Cely, you are so incredibly creative! I love to look at your creations and am always inspired! I want to try this chalkboard technique. It is so awesome!

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