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... of course, some people didn't know I was gone...haha

My DH had been in immense pain with his back since before New Years.  All the doctors kept dragging their feet helping him.  I finally took matters into my own hands!  I packed him up, did not stop at GO, and went straight to the ER.  I stated my husband was "broken" and had to be fix. He got admitted with doctors STILL not listening to me.  When they finally did as I suggested (as far as test), they finally saw the ruptured disk and operated....none too soon and a month and a half too late "in my book".  Long days at the hospital, making sure he was being taken care of correctly didn't leave any time for card making; however, I took my copics and some images and colored for several days.  I brought him home yesterday.  It's a different kind of pain now, but I swear I almost had to turn around and take him back from the pain he had while I was driving home from the hospital.

Now for the recuperation time.  We had to find "the perfect chair" that he could sit in without pain and discomfort.  The end chair in my craft room....haha! But, all for a good cause.

I've been to the store, got his meds, trying to keep him comfortable and since it is a rainy day here, a perfect day to hopefully make some cards.

Thanks for all the well wishes.  I apologize for not getting to all the many wonderful blogs to comment since the wifi at the hospital wasn't very good, but trust me....visiting your blogs was the highlight of my days for the past week and a half and helped keep my sanity.
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  1. teachdanz Says:

    hang in there!! husbands are not always the easiest patients :-)

  2. Marsha Says:

    Good for you for insisting on action. Sometimes it can be pretty frustrating getting cooperation from some doctors. Hope he recovers soon. (and hope you have a chance for crafting!)

  3. Pat (mspfd) Says:

    I am so happy that your husband is finally home and recuperating. Hopefully, he'll be feeling better soon and, in the meantime, be a good patient!

  4. Donna Says:

    So glad that things are looking better. And hopefully the pain will get better with each passing day! When husband's are in pain it really is important to take care of them. Hang in there. Big hugs to keep you going!

  5. Dianne Says:

    Well thank goodness he is better and at home,hope you can get back to crafting soon, until then, well wishes sent your way, you most take care of yourself too:):)

  6. Janice Says:

    Hope your hubby is on the mend now and that you get your crafty chair back soon! Jx

  7. Carole Says:

    Wow what an ordeal. Good for you.. taking him to the ER and getting them to listen to you.
    Painful stuff back surgery and it's hard to see a loved one suffer. Makes you feel helpless. I look forward to seeing new posts and hearing about his improvement. Be well Hugs Carole

  8. Mary Ann Says:

    So glad he went and took care of hiself,My husband has the same,He had 3 surgeries on his back,It will be ok,my prays are with you..

  9. Billie A Says:

    I am so glad that your dear hubby is home and recouping. That is great he has a concerned wife that pushed the drs. to get him healed. I've missed your cards and all but understand why. Prayers to you and your hubby for recovery and patients while the body heals.

  10. Gosh, Cely! I don't know how your husband made it a month and a half. I had a ruptured disk and the pain was so intense, even the narcotic pills they gave me for the two weeks prior to my surgery didn't touch the pain!

    Tell him it's so much better now. The pain of surgery is much less than that of a ruptured disk.


  11. NanaConnie Says:

    Cely, So glad that they finally did something! I'll have you both in my prayers; him for a fast recovery and you for strength. :-D Remember, it is important for you to find some "me" time to restock the energy reservoir or you'll have nothing left to give anyone else. :-D

  12. Doesn't it amaze you that we have so many tests and they can seam to read them properly. This dragging their feet seem to be going around. My husband had a heart attach early December and they know his arteries are almost totally clodded, but they just keep running tests and saying we'll see you next month. He is wearing a life vest. This means he will be zapped the same as a defibulator in the hospital. My concern is he won't get help in time to same him. It's very hard to watch you loved one in pain or my case having to worry will I make it thru the next 24 hours. So glad to hear he finally got the help he needed. Speedy recovery to you.

  13. Debbie Says:

    So glad you hubby was finally get the care he needed and that he is back home ;- ) Backs are sooo important. I'll keep hin my prayers for a quick recovery.

  14. Lola Says:

    LOL! It MUST be love if you gave up your craft chair!! I'm glad he got the attention he needed and that he now on the mend.

  15. scrapn Says:

    I am glad your husband had his surgery. Now, I hope he heals completely & will not have any further problems.

  16. Myrna Says:

    Hope hubby has a speedy recovery. Thank goodness they finally helped him. Take care of yourself now too.

  17. Wow, that is rough. You and your DH have my sympathy and wishes for a speedy recovery.

    You commented on my blog about the onesies I did for my cousin's new baby. I used the print and cut heat transfer material from Silhouette. The writing was just letters typed in the Silhouette program and filled in with color. The instructions on the package are pretty good; just make sure that you really heat the material through all the way. It may seem a little intimidating at first, but really is quite easy to do.

  18. Hi Cely, I am sorry to hear about your husband, but I hope he is truly on the mend. I am so happy to be on the Doodle Pantry Design Team with you. I look forward to getting to know you.

  19. AllisonG Says:

    Cely, I am so glad that you are a take charge kind of girl! I'll bet your husband is happy about that, too. :-) Take good care of him and hope he enjoys a full recovery.

  20. oh my-I do hope hubby a speedy recovery-and not because you want to yank your chair back either LOL!

  21. Dawn Frost Says:

    I hope your Husband is already feeling better! My husband went through 2 years of pain before his shoulder being fixed. Doctors never listen to wives, lol! After surgery he had 1 1/2 years recovery but he's all better now! Best wishes for your DH! (and you its hard watching them in pain)

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