In Sympathy for the Lost of your beloved pet

My sister is a huge animal lover.  She bought Dreyfus when her son died.  Dreyfus was her healing partner.  Dreyfus had a good life and a long life.  Anyhow, I made this card for her.  She was going to frame the card, but I have decided to take the card apart, add to a floating frame and add another one of her pet's silhouettes to this frame ...she lost another schnauzer this past year also.  Her name was Daisy.

Other news:  I taught today.  It got me out of the house, but I had to leave DH to fend for himself.  Recovery has been tough for him, but he's been walking without the use of a walker for 2 days now.

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5x5, paw charm, stitching, gold foil, ribbon, pop-ups, dog cut file


  1. What a thoughtful card. I'm sure she will treasure it.

  2. Such a considerate and caring card...not to mention adorable. That's a great cut file. Happy to hear your husbands progress. Hugs Carole

  3. I love all the colors and textures on this card. Everything goes together so well. Glad to hear your husband's up and around and doing for himself. Sounds like he's on the mend!

  4. Oh my. How sad. I am so sorry for all the loss in her life. Your card is gorgeous and hopefully will bring a smile to her face.

    Glad your DH is up and about. I didn't know he required a walker! Poor guy. But hopefully, in the end, the pain will be gone or at least manageable. And we need to take care of ourselves too - so glad you were able to get out!

  5. Oh I feel so for your sister,it is always so hard when you lose your pet. They become a part of the family and even though you know from the git go you will only have them for decade or bit more, it doesn't help when they go. Wonderful that you are making a floating frame for her to include her other pet.

  6. Somehow I missed this the other day! The cut is fabulous! I am so sorry for Jill's loss; I can not imagine how heartbroken she is over Daisy passing, recently. I'm sure your frame will be a very nice keepsake for her beloved fur-babies.


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