Carolina Girl (Cely)
I was inspired by Sarah at Papertree....taking the Quirky Skunk and Nature Calls images at Doodle Pantry to a whole new level.

I'm making a series of cards for an "in-law"...keeping it manly and light-spirited.  I did this card in a girlie and neutral version which I will post tomorrow.    Anyhooo, I hope he doesn't take offense to the sentiment. (Can you see the 3-D roll of toilet

SU window punch, Memory Box Tree die, grass die, stitching, pop-ups for dimension

15 Responses
  1. Billie A Says:

    Those skunks are too stinking cute..LOL. I love the colors you used what a fun card. Love the outhouse and tree. Darling funny cute card. So talented.

  2. dmk Says:

    too stinken cute !!!!! (:>)

  3. how cute! love the little 3d roll, such a great touch.

  4. Who but Cely would come up with polka dot skunks holding tp?? LOVE it-gave me a big giggle!

  5. Carole Says:

    That's the truth...some days just stink, but how cute are those little stinkers? Love the polka dots and 3 d roll, this could sweeten any day.

  6. Tammy Miller Says:

    This is so Stinkin cute!!! love everything about it!

  7. AllisonG Says:

    Thanks for my giggle this morning! I just love the Quirky Skunk with the outhouse - who thinks up these ideas?! Not me - that's why I have to CASE other imaginative people - LOL!

  8. Deloris Says:

    Boy, you can say that again... Thanks for starting my day off with a smile! Love it!

  9. Pat (mspfd) Says:

    Cely, this is genius. Love how you combined the stinky images. What a great scene which your in law will love!

  10. Donna Says:

    You are so clever! I love the 3-d roll of toilet paper! A the skunks and outhouse go together so well. You are an inspiration!

  11. Ellen Says:

    ROFL! Cely this is just too darn cute! OMG what a great combo of DP images. This truly made me laugh when I saw it. Love,love,love your card!

  12. Mary Ann Says:

    Some days really stink,I have been having a few myself lol,Love that card,I needed a good laugh,It is very cute,love those stinkers...

  13. ooooh super,super card,too funny and too cute. I am sure it will be a hit!!

  14. Lola Says:

    One more question, did you use the colored version of the outhouse? I saw those and couldn't look past going poop - but seeing this has made that outhouse so much cuter!

  15. Sarah Says:

    Thank you so much for using my card as inspiration - I thought the skunk and outhouse were a perfect combination and then when I added the tiny toilet paper it completed the card :) I love the tree you used!

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