Carolina Girl (Cely)
"Before" the cut
My little shipoos love to gnaw on each other .... to the point their ears get terribly matted.  I usually do all their grooming but they were at the "point of no return".  The groomer had to shave their ears.  They look like they don't have any ears.  Well, at least, they can gnaw on each other's ears to their heart's content....haha

"After" the cut

The second item "up for business" is the second card I did with the LOVE word cut file from Bird's Cards.  A wonderful, quick and easy freebie file.

5x5, stitching, ribbon, heart charm, fern punch, pop-ups for dimension

15 Responses
  1. AllisonG Says:

    HAHAHAHA - no ears is right! Poor babies got scalped. They are adorable either way though!

    I really like the cut file you found at Bird's Cards - perfect for Valentine's or any day to show your love.

  2. Deloris Says:

    Lol, they look so cute sitting there looking up at their mom!

    Great card too! Love that cutting file.

  3. scrapn Says:

    Poor puppies! They are adorable!

  4. Cheryl First Says:

    They are such cuties! Little Bonnie is such a lover, too! I like their hair cuts, and your pretty digi-page is beautiful! (I'm glad you had a long-haired pic of them!),
    Pretty colors on today's card!

  5. Myrna Says:

    You have really made the love file pop. Love it.
    OOOOhhh they are so adorable. Doesn't a hair cut change their looks so much?
    Either way they are adorable.

  6. Too funny, your puppies ears I mean, I'm still chuckling about them! Your love card rocks!

  7. Donna Says:

    Wonderful layout of those cuties! I hardly recognize them. But they are definitely so cute. Great card! Love the freebie cut file!

  8. loove your your pooches, so cute!

  9. They look like a different pair of dogs! I wonder how they like it?
    Your card looks beautiful as always. Bird is so generous!

  10. Lola Says:

    LOL! They look SO cute! Hopefully the other dogs on the block won't poke fun at them. Also, loved the card so much I already went and picked up that awesome cut!!

  11. Pat (mspfd) Says:

    Your fur babies are adorable! Gorgeous card, Cely!

  12. NanaConnie Says:

    Delightfully funny 'no ears' photo, Cely! But I'm glad you did show them in their natural state, too. Fab card and I'm loving that svg cut from polka dot paper. Wonderful!

  13. This happens to my little pooch too. Amazing how fast they can get matted. I have a mixture poo but not sure how to spell it! He looks very close to your dogs too. I am going to have to give that LOVE a try. I have used a couple of her heart borders this week-very nice!

  14. Love your layout Cely! Your puppies are so cute! (and love the after photo)

  15. Dawn Frost Says:

    The two dogs are like night and day, lol! I LOVE their shaved ears, very cute! Great love card and as always fabulous stitching!

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