Need Your Inspiration

Seeking help from my friends and followers....

I would like to offer some prototypes of pretty, fun, different wedding invitations to my son and his fiance. I did the "Save the Date" simple cards.  They want a simple traditional wedding and will be staying with black and white.  I don't know her flowers yet, but any flowers will do right now for a card sample.  I'm thinking of a side step card or a slider card.  An easel card could work too.  I'm thinking 3D of some type.  I need some inspiration guys.  I want something different, but in good taste.  I want something for people to say..."wow...that's different, or how unusual and how pretty!"  The people receiving these cards are not "into" card crafting or familiar with our work and are use to the usual wedding invite.  Please help with the mojo.

I also want to keep the postage down to no more than two stamps.  Flowers are certainly doable and small flat buttons and ribbon, svgs and small pop-ups for dimension.  (I'm looking at 85 invitations.  Wedding is May 28, 2010) in her church chapel that holds 200 people with a reception to follower at the Natural History Museum...You can make-up all the details.  I can buy any punch and I have lots of Martha Stewart punches and borders already.  I'm needing design help....so HELP HELP HELP!

I will begin posting some fun svgs in the next few days and getting back on track, but this is "SO" on my mind.

Thank you!


  1. Here's a site where you can get some inspiration for invitations:


  2. Here's one more site with free printable wedding invitations:


  3. Hi Cely, hope you had a great Christmas and that you're not snowed in. Heard on the news it was pretty bad over there.
    As to your question of wedding invitations, you could cut a heart and put the couple's initials in it. That would look pretty impressive on an easel card. I have something like that on my blog, that was for a black & white wedding.
    The initials are not as good as they can be as I was still getting used to my Pazzles machine, I'm glad to say things have improved since then
    Hope this helps and good luck.

  4. I got married 6 months ago, and my mother-in-law worked miracles with the simple wedding invitations that came free with my dress (if we got the dress and tuxes at the same place we got free invites, but they were super simple and I wanted a little bit more). Unfortunately, she did not put the entire invite on her blog, just part of them. She also did all of the rehearsal dinner table decorations. I will link to her blog (w all the decorations and a little of the invite) and send you an email with a couple pics of the invite. http://tammyscreativetidbits.blogspot.com/search/label/Wedding

  5. Hi Cely, wishing you a very happy news years. Here is a wedding invitation I did for a wedding last July. I had so much fun coming up with an idea, but the best part was the groom gave us the idea of the fleur de lis embossing.
    Have fun with the wedding invitations.


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