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  The challenge:  Use any 3D flowers from any of the 3D flower sets from Svgcuts.com on any card, project, scrapbook page, etc; the sky's the limit.  My first challenge ever!   Check out Facebook ,  3D Challenge, and/ or Forum - 3D Challenge.

  I chose to mix mediums.  I incorporated stained glass into my project.   I mixed the 3d flowers with stained glass leaves and pot. I attempted to keep it as natural as possible...another reason why I didn't add a whole lot of flowers from different seasons.  I hang pots on my patio when the weather is warm and I wanted this to look just like my real ones.  Mary's "dragonfly" (a freebie svg) is in top left. I used  3D Flowers I Kit with pansies, marigolds and impatiens and leaves from the 3D Winter Flowers Collection.  And, being from SC, I added spanish moss and twigs. 

I hope you enjoy. I appreciate all the support from friends and forum buddies who constantly encouraged me.  I lost 2 dear dear people in my life in the last 2 months and I felt this was good therapy.


  1. This is gorgeous - so creative! A nice mix of colors and textures.

  2. Hi Cecilia,
    I downloaded some of your files - thanks for this.

    Ina from Gremany


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