Carolina Girl (Cely)
      I don't always play on words on my cards, but I've done it a lot lately.  I've had a lot of friends and family that could use a little laugh. Except for the Marvy flower punch, I designed all the svg cuts in Inkscape. (dog, window, flower bracket, and flower basket).   I didn't show the inside, but has a pic of dog's drooling tongue. It says "There's nothing better than to end a bad day covered in dog slobber !"  And, that's the truth if you are a dog lover.  (The stamp is by American Art Stamp) All my svgs can be downloaded by clicking the svg listed in the right column under Svg Files.

Inspiration: my dogs

Materials:  Inkscape - my svgs               
               Marvy flower and fern punches              
               Inks and paper
               Scoring Pal
               Brads, string liquid pearls               
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2 Responses
  1. Absolutely wonderful card. I love love the dog

  2. "Amandier" Says:

    Love the flower basket above the dog! Super cute.

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