Peach pickin' time (Part 1 of 4)

       Peaches are my favorite fruit. Peach picking in the upstate starts in just 2 weeks.  Georgia is known as the "Peach State", but statistics show that South Carolina grows and produces more peaches than any other state.  You can buy peaches in the store, but it is RARE that it will taste like a peach just picked from the tree.  We actually have a water tower down the road shaped and colored like a peach. (Some say it looks like a person's "behind"). Today I'm posting a peach.  My leaf is more correct than ones found elsewhere. Download HERE for peach.  Stayed tuned tomorrow for Part 2.


  1. Cely,
    Thanks for the peach. You are a "peach" to share it. Hope you will be feeling better really soon. Glad to have you back. mj

  2. Thank you for all the awesome files you share!

  3. I just found your site. My brother lives in Chesnee and I see this tower every year when we go to visit!!


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