Shrimp and Luggage...What do they have in common?

       Don't know why I'm into question and answer games these past 2 days.  Back to question:  What do shrimp and luggage have in common?  The temperature tipped 90 today and I want to take a trip to the beach for some fresh shrimp.  There's nothing better than to be chillin' on the dock with a cooler of ice waiting for the Magwood trawlers puttering in with their first catch of the season. Ahhhhh yes, the smell of the marsh and the squawk of the pelicans and seagulls reminds me that I'm in my happy place. Was leaving today, but my back is out of whack and I can't handle the 3 hour trip....it will have to wait a few days.  In actuality, the "Blessing of the Fleet" is not until April 25, 2010 in Mt. Pleasant.  See ya there! 
       Download HERE for the shrimp and HERE for the luggage. (PS - this is what my luggage USE to look like until US Airways decided to redesign the front and KEEP my handles for themselves. Mercy me...what DID those people want with my handles?)


  1. Hope your back is better quickly and you are able to fully enjoy your time at the water, Cely!
    Safe travels to you!!

  2. Well I love the story. I hate that your back is hurting. Take it easy and you will be up and about in no time. Have a safe trip when you do get to go.


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