Beach Nut

        If you know me, then you know how I love the beach.  I should have made this little peanut's arms and legs GREEN.  I'm a gal from the South....and we Southerns love hot boiled green peanuts.  Boiled peanuts and "shrimp and grits" are a "MUST" for any true Southern wedding reception or any "good" party.  Download HERE for peanut sitting in chair, glasses, arms, and legs.  Download HERE for umbrella. Thanks for stopping by, taking a look and I hoped it made you smile!


  1. This is such a great card!!!! I like the light brown legs on your peanut.... glad you didn't make 'em green LOL.
    Angela xxx.

  2. Cely - I'm totally NUTS about these little Nut Cards!!!! Sooooo CUTE!!!

  3. Cely, these are wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing! My hubby is a nut fan!


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