One Stamp - Many Layouts

I wanted to show how one stamp could make 3 entirely different cards.  This stamp is by "Stampin Up" called "Inspired by Nature".  On the first card, I embossed with white powder on textured, designed paper. ( I added a little ribbon and flower paper clip for embellishment.) On the second, I used "Stampin Up" inks on the stamp, lightly sprayed the stamp, and then stamped on plain heavy-weight card stock. (Autumn look)  On the third card, I used Stampin Up water markers directly on the stamp; again, I sprayed water and then pressed on card stock. I then took the grass stamp and stamped on top of the flowers.  I added a little more texture by backing with homemade paper. (Pic is blurred and I'll correct that later today.)


  1. Wow, I didn't know you could achieve so many different looks with one stamp. I have lots to learn about stamping. How do you get the different color inks onto one stamp - with pens? And when you say you lightly sprayed it... with what? Pretty cards! :)

  2. Those turned out great - love the variations!


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