Giveaway from SVGCuts: 3 winners!

They have done it again.  It is their Monthly Giveaway! SVGCuts is a great, new, up and coming company that caters to: offering wonderful svg collections for sale, offering freebie svg files several times a week, posting creative ideas for your svg files,  answering and solving numerous questions regarding your concerns and problems with svg files, SCAL and even Inkscape.  And, let's not forget to mention the extremely helpful tutorials for SCAL.

I'm without my sidekick,  IMAC with SCAL.  The story involves a wonderful Christmas present given to me gone bad!  It seems that the gift, the Bamboo Pen and Touch with Photoshop Elements, did not like my IMAC.  Maybe it was Snow Leopard it didn't like.  Anyway, the program caused numerous problems to my IMAC, which has now been sent by FedEx ambulance to the Apple Hospital in Kentucky for several weeks.  (I'm sure my husband meant well by the Christmas gift.)  Therefore, I'm dedicating this day to honor a great little company called SVGCuts.  The company has now been recognized by Craftedge, who created SCAL, for their services to the users of SCAL and svg files.  Mary and Leo, the founders of SVGCuts, deserve a round of applause for doing such a fine job of offering us beautiful svg files, tutorials, and a super customer service department.  It is from their inspiration that I decided to create a blog for the very first time in my life and see if I can give back to other lovers of svg files, SCAL and Cricut.

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  1. I am sorry your Mac is in the hospital. Talk about withdrawls, I bet this is a hard one. Your cards are very nice and I think you covered svgcuts.com very nicely. Have fun with making cards and then your Mac will be back before you know it. take care, mj


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