...thank you everyone for keeping up and having faith that I would return.  I made my first card since last November about 5 days ago.  I did some projects (not cards) that I will enjoy sharing with you.

You can skip down to the first project if you don't care to read what has been going on in my life..haha

First: many of you know my brother was gravely ill (as of last September).  He had a very rapid case of ALS.  I was flying to Denver every 6 weeks to be with him.  It was costly and my entire savings for vacation for this year, but I would do it all over again for the time I had with him.  I lost my dear brother this past February.
My dear brother Steve

Next, attempting to get back into shape, I was power walking 5-6 miles a day, swimming, lifting weights and climbing 15-50 flights of stairs a day to help with my osteoporosis. Yup, over did it and had to have back surgery.  Since my brother was so ill, I didn't want surgery until my last visit so I was in a lot of pain till January.  Surgery was success but left me with nerve pain.

Next, 5 days after surgery, our first grandson was born. Yippee! Welcome Wyatt

Welcome Wyatt
Next, in early April my neurosurgeon gave me permission to start walking (exercising) again.  After a week of just walking, I decided to "kick it up a notch" and start mixing jogging with my power walking.  Big mistake! Two fracture knees.  I'm now in a brace for 6 weeks and then we will see what to do with other knee.  This has given me lots of time to start working on cards.

My first little project was a pillow case for my grand daughter.  I made the pillowcase and using my Silhouette, I placed her name on it with heated vinyl.  Washes great.  She loves it.
my huband was nice enough to help me showcase the project.


  1. So happy to see you back in blogland..
    What a year you're having!
    Such sad news to hear about your brother.
    Such happy news to hear you have a beautiful grandson. It's still only April and your surgery sounded to be going well? I think we all try and do to much. You really must take care. I LOve your pillowcase what a lovely idea..Thank you so much for sharing.
    Happy to be watching for your cards.

  2. Cely, I'm so sorry that ALS has taken your brother so quickly. It was worth all the money in the world to get to spend so much time with him before he died. You'll always cherish that time.

    Now for yourself - just STOP! You only get one body! and you'll need it for a long, long time! :)

    Welcome back. Thanks for all your sweet comments, and enjoy those grandkids! ♡


  3. I'm so sorry for the loss of your brother, and happy for the birth of your new grandson. It's good to see you back again. Hope you are mending.
    hugs, Alice

  4. Wow, Cely, You've really been through it! Sorry for your loss of your brother but how wonderful that you managed to see him as often as you did before he passed. Congrats on the new grandson. What a blessing! Finally, take care of those knees. God only issues two of them per person per life. :-D So good to see you back.

  5. My, My Cely. What a time you've had. We've had similar ups and downs over the past few months but my crafting has saved my sanity. I will definitely be keeping you all in my prayers. What an adorable pillow case. I'm sure your granddaughter loves it!

  6. SO good to have you back bloggin Cely, it has been a hard time for you and the family, my brother also had ALS so I know what you went through, it is such a cruel disease.

    As for you, I think you had better slow down before every bone in your body is broken, you want your body to last a lot longer LOL.

    Congratulations on the birth of your dear Grandson, some joy for you at last. Beautiful pillow case, I love you have put her name on it.

  7. Welcome back Cely! I had no idea you were going through so much all at once! I am so sorry about your brother! And congrats on your new grandson! Gorgeous pillowcase, I'm sure your granddaughter loves it! I'm looking forward to seeing all your creations!


  8. So sorry for the loss of your brother, life can really hit one hard at times and sounds like the past year was your turn.Take care of yourself and enjoy that grand child.

  9. Welcome back, Cely ! I´m so sad to hear what you were going trough the past month. Positive and Negative. The more i´m glad that you are Blogging again.

    Imke ~ My Crafty Place

  10. Welcome back Cely we've missed you in blogland! Great pillowcase!

  11. You need to take it slow girl.
    Blessings Jocelan


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