Carolina Girl (Cely)
Growing up, I remember my mother always making my oldest brother Steve take my younger brother Ray with him wherever he went.  Don't know why my mom did that other than to get BOTH boys out of the house.  Anyhooooo, my brother Ray was the comedian in the family.  He would always make monkey sounds and gestures around Steve's friends which would TOTALLY embarrass Steve.  Steve would come home yelling have got to do something with this crazy brother of mine.  I would rather stay in my room than have to take him with me ever again.  We are all old now, but they are the best of friends and bros....haha
A2, added some grass under tree using copics, pop-ups for dimension

Now the deets on card!  I used pre-colored images from the set Lil Gorilla Jungle from Doodle Pantry.  I CASED Lola since it was instant love for her card.  I just "kicked it up a notch" by adding the spinner part.  As you can see, I kept it pretty CAS, no stitching or sentiment, but a long letter to my brother on the inside.

trying to illustrate the movement of the banana spinner
Now that I look at the monkey a little closer, it looks like he's talking on the phone with the banana being the receiver...haha  That will be me in a few years.  I already do silly things like put things in the pantry cupboard that should go in the refrigerator or can't find my glasses only for them to be on the top of my head...haha

angle and better look at dimension

12 Responses
  1. Jackie Says:

    Lovely story and a fabulous card, love the one below too :o)
    Jackie xx

  2. I think pre-colored images are great! You really did kick this up a notch on your card. I've never made a spinner, but they don't look too hard. I just never think of it! Love yours!

    Funny story about the brothers! It's fun to reminisce!


  3. *Vicki* Says:

    This monkey is DARLING!! I love how it looks like he's talking on the phone with the banana!! LOL!! I also love how you've made a spinner card out of this clever design!! What a cute story! Oh memories...they are treasures in some ways! :)

  4. Patty Sue 2 Says:

    I am afraid I was the sister who acted the clown and mortified my family! LOL! (I still do!) I love the cute little ape and I am sure your brother got a kick out of it also! I keep practicing my coloring and the classes have helped a lot but I have had a hard time keeping everything going. I see what other card makers are doing and think I am just spinning my wheels. The nice part for me is the people I give the cards to do not know that other people are much better than I at coloring! LOL! Have a great day!

  5. Myrna Says:

    As usual, you did a great job on the cards.
    Your talent is never ending.
    There is always one of those "monkeys" in all families, isn't there?

  6. Faith A Says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE it and the story, my baby brother and me were the ones who had to tag along with an older brother while he was courting, perhaps to keep him out of trouble hahahahaha

  7. Pat (mspfd) Says:

    Very cute! Great minds this alike... I'm in the process of making a similar card, just need to put it together and photograph it.

  8. Donna Says:

    This is so adorable, Cely! Would you believe I've never tried a spinner card. I think I need to try that some time soon. Great story about your brother and I'm sure he'll get a hoot out of this card. Have a wonderful week!

  9. Billie A Says:

    I love this little guy. Great card and paper choice. The bananas awesome touch. Great design.

  10. chrissy xx Says:

    A FABulous fun image..I Love your design and colours.
    My glasses get lost on my head too! lol.

  11. Dawn Frost Says:

    I have never done a spinner card, I think I must give it a try. I love the story about your brothers, too funny!

  12. Lola Says:

    I really think siblings do turn out to be the best of friends...sometimes anyway. At least that's the hope for my girls. Well, gee....casing my card *blush.* I'm honored. And yes, you did kick it up a notch...or two. Show off!

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