Carolina Girl (Cely)
....that we'll miss our annual winter get together with you!

That's right....we have family in Rhode Island we always get together with AND our dear friends in Charleston that we get together with during winter break.

Alas, it is 102 outside at this very moment and that's not even the heat index.  I'm a "hot weather girl" and I think even "I" have surpassed my comfort zone.

I used the Snowball Ants set on an easel is one of the absolutely darling sets Doodle Pantry is introducing for July.  I always enjoy doing a few Christmas and winter cards during this month to stay ahead of my card making for the holidays.  Head over to the Doodle Pantry Blog and see the other newbies for this month.  Check out the freebie set that you will receive just for participating.

Added 3 layers of snow drifts using pop-ups for dimension, but hard to see in picture.  I also added ice sickles, copics, and snowflake embellishments.

When the card is folded flat.

26 Responses
  1. Judith Says:

    Sooooooo cute, awseome digital stamp!!

  2. Deloris Says:

    Absolutely adorable! Love, love, love it!

  3. Myrna Says:

    What a great card!!!! Love it.

  4. Pat (mspfd) Says:

    Spectacular! The fold, your layout and fabulous details are gorgeous. Definitely want to case this one!

  5. Jackie Says:

    Wonderful card, I love everything about it :o)
    I have great difficulty with temperatures over 70F so I could never survive 102F!
    Jackie xx

  6. Jani Lewis Says:

    Adorable card. Those little ants have such character. Hope things cool down for you soon.

  7. Oh my gosh this is just the cutest card, love. love it... Love seeing what you create, you never disappoint!

  8. Debbie Says:

    Adorable cards, Cely ;- ) Like seeing some snow from SC, even though I know you are sweltering down there. It's been terribly hot here too, but at least we haven't had the humidity we usually have so it's been more bearableI use to hate when people said it was a dry heat, but I've appreciated it this summer, ha ha. Try and stay cool, friend. Must be time for a trip to the beach ;- )

  9. Absolutely charming - love how the images are off the page on the easel card. Just adorable.

  10. Come visit me. It is only about 75 to 80 here all week...Perfect I shouls say!

    Darling card Cely!

  11. Marsha Says:

    Cute and clever as always.

  12. Dawn Frost Says:

    I LOVE your brown ants Cely and all the layers of snow! I bet you wished it could snow there right now, well maybe not snow, lol!

  13. Patti P. Says:

    This is so cute.....I love the easel card and the way you layered the snow!!!
    Too hot for me as well, would love some low 80's please.

  14. Tammy Miller Says:

    Adorable Cely, love the image! Hope you are doing well miss you a bunch!

  15. Stephanie Says:

    This is adorable honey... How are u doing???

  16. Myrna Says:

    Just had to say thank you again for the svg from June 2010 (frog on a lily pad). I had it in my computer but couldn't find it until today and I was delighted to find it and use it. Have not posted a card yet with it but will give you credit when I do.(long story why I could never find my downloaded svgs in the early days of my blogging and card making.)
    Thanks so much.

  17. Sweet!! You are so creative dear Cely!! This card makes me smile...those ants are so cute! Stay cool.


  18. Donna Says:

    Cely, this is adorable and what a great way to remind family of upcoming events. You are making me feel cooler too since our temp is over 100 right now. I certainly need it.

  19. Barb Says:

    What a lovely card, Cely! Your creations always blow me away!

  20. Jennie Says:

    Ha Cely this is fab! Made me chuckle!
    I love the sentiment too!
    And your background is so christmassy yay!

  21. Lorianna Says:

    this is fantastic,
    the design colours and detail is just amazing,
    just brilliant

    LOVE this type of easel card
    Your so creative!

  22. Lola Says:

    These are the cutest ants EVER!!

  23. Deloris Says:

    Sorry to hear the news, but glad your back. We missed you. Love your adorable card. Those ants are so cute.

  24. Min Says:

    I absolutely LOVE these 'snow' ants! Just adorable Cely!
    Hope you are well - you certainly are missed!
    Hugs - Min

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