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Where are the days when a fella "asked" a gal to be his date to the Prom?  No it is a "presentation" and the more different, the better!  I spend most of my free time creating cards and suggested a very, unusual fun card for my son to make for the young lady to open, but Nooooo, my son wanted me to pull out my stained glass equipment and let him make something. I gave him about 6 creations to choose from since I was going to make "him" do it, but it also meant me staying with him every minute.  Between pulling out glass to look at and getting cut, cutting the glass and getting cut, sanding the glass and fragments flying and/or the soldering gun melting lead to hot liquid, I didn't know which one was going to make me a nervous wreck with his hands behind these tools.

As you can see below, he chose a butterfly rooter.  Luckily,  I still had some test tubes from school supplies I kept.  He was so excited upon finishing it, I barely had time to take a decent picture before he was "out the door".  What you DON'T see are the beautiful peach rose buds that replaced the azalea blossoms that are in this picture and the tag asking her to the Prom!

Only 2 stems of rose clusters would fit into the test tube, so I won the remaining flowers as the left over prize.  I put them with the azalea blossom and made me a pretty bouquet....I felt I deserved it...haha

He added school color, yellow and white
Mitchell's arm on the right

My bouquet - earned for my

16 Responses
  1. mudmaven Says:

    So did she say yes? It's a gorgeous creation btw. ~chris

  2. Fluffles Says:

    How lovely. Bet his friend said yes with an offer like that - how could she turn him down! Jx

  3. AllisonG Says:

    Beautiful indeed! And, yes, you DID deserve the bouquet!!

  4. Myrna Says:

    What a wonderful young man. I bet she couldn't resist that!!!
    Glad you reaped some benefits from your hard work. They are lovely.

  5. Cheryl First Says:

    Gorgeous! He did a wonderful job, and the bouquet you "inherited" was well deserved! Way to go, Momma! :0)

  6. He has the magic touch like his Mama! I hope she said YES!

  7. What a great story, I didn't know they did things like that, wow, things were a lot easier in my day :O)! I cannot see how she could refuse that masterpiece, what a great young man! Oh, your bouquet is quite lovely..well earned lol!

  8. Deloris Says:

    That turned out so pretty! And your reward is pretty too!

  9. Stephanie Says:

    Oh wow, this is so pretty!

  10. Tami B. Says:

    He did an awesome job! (Must take after his mom in the artistic department.)
    John Tesh was talking on his radio show last night about the elaborate "prom proposals" that are the norm now.

  11. Carole Says:

    No doubt she was charmed by his talent and creativity. Cely this is the first I heard about your stained glass talents. I know your a teacher and have amazing talents but stained can do anything I bet. Craft on...

  12. NanaConnie Says:

    Pretty much would guarantee an acceptance, IMHO ! It's wonderful, Cely, and certainly worth the worry and angst. :-D Congratulations on having such a creative and talented son.

  13. Hello friend!! long time no stop by, I had lots to catch up. I see you are still at it and what beautiful creations you have made. I hope this thing with prom doesn't stick I have a 4 yo and I am not as talented as you LOL

    You.. I mean he did a great job with the butterfly I am sure the young lady will be thrilled!!

  14. Virgo5 Says:

    Oh this is beautiful, your Son sounds like a very thoughful young did she say yes?

  15. Billie A Says:

    Carly what a great idea he had and that he made it himself is awesome. It's beautiful. I am sure he was so proud and I hope the girl was just as excited. Did she say YES? You have a thoughtful, caring son. Congratulations to the mom on too

  16. Tammy Miller Says:

    What a wonderful project how very cool and thoughtful!

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